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Michael Candelario exemplifies what it takes to be a successful businessperson. He is the founder and CEO of Original Goods, a national cannabis company operating in eight states. He is well-known as a problem solver and analytical thinker who isn’t afraid to jump at opportunities in the business world. One of the numerous ways he distinguishes himself from his peers is his willingness to take on new challenges and treat everything he encounters as a teachable moment.

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Michael is a native of Homestead, Florida, but is no stranger to change. He and his military family spent the majority of his youth traveling up and down the East Coast. Michael, the eldest of five brothers, had a natural instinct to lead and teach from an early age. Michael not only aspires to be the greatest version of himself, but he also inspires others to attain their full potential and is the first to congratulate them on their accomplishments.

To say he has achieved success is an understatement. Michael Candelario has made a name for himself in the healthcare, cannabis, and alcohol industries over the last two decades, with a side interest in real estate that began when he was 18 and continues to this day. He makes real estate investing look easy and has since purchased and sold over 1,500 homes. As the founder of MAC Property Solutions, Michael and his team acquired distressed properties and fix-and-flip houses. His responsibilities include overseeing the entire business, including lead generation, property acquisition, and exit options such as renting, repairing, and reselling to a suitable buyer or investor.

In addition to being a natural real estate investor and entrepreneur, Michael Candelario sees himself as a lifelong learner. He studied real estate development, finance, and entrepreneurship at the University of Wisconsin-Madison and the Virginia Military Institute. His studies, combined with his innate talent, have made him the success he is today. Not satisfied with solely an academic education, Michael enrolled in the United States Marine Corps after graduation and spent five years proudly serving his country. Michael was the first in his class of over 380 Marines to graduate from Parris Island Boot Camp and was an Honor Graduate.

Michael’s most prominent achievements include being named one of Texas’ Top 30 Under 30 Realtors, obtaining a Brewmaster license in Germany, and opening Puerto Rico’s first legal cannabis cultivation and dispensary. Michael Candelario is a self-professed coffee aficionado, a Green Bay Packers fan, a national park lover, and a committed family guy in his spare time.

Follow Michael’s other websites at michaelcandelario.co and michaelcandelario.info to learn more about him!